Serving All Firearm Businesses

Whether you currently operate a business, or wish to start one, you should seek counsel from an attorney who can help you navigate the legal requirements. This is particularly important with a firearms business where legal compliance is paramount to staying in business. Working with an attorney who knows and understands these laws and regulations will help you get started and continue your business without legal entanglements.

Starting or Purchasing a Business

Selecting and forming new business entities; obtaining and maintaining business licenses and permits.

Obtaining and Maintaining FFL and other Licenses

Legal services for FFL’s, including:
— License applications, denials, renewals and revocations
— Variance applications
— Representation before the ATF
— Regulatory compliance and inspection issues

Operational and Compliance Issues for NFA Firearms and Imports/Exports

— NFA Taxes (occupational, making, and transfer taxes)
— Import/Export permits, applications and procedures

Business Changes

Transfers, relocations, and discontinuance of business

Opinion Letters

Operational, licensing and product issues

Liability and Other Issues for Firearms Instructors

Business and individual liability issues for instructors and trainers, including addressing potential allegations of negligent training as well as issues of premises liability and firearms incidences

Federal & State Appeals

Federal and state appeals to challenge verdicts and court decisions


If you need legal services to restore your right to possess firearms, regain possession of your firearms, or transfer your firearms, we advise that you seek counsel from an attorney who focuses on firearm laws.
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