Firearms Legal Issues

Challenging Wrongful Denial of Firearms Transfers: Summary of Process.

Summary of Overall Process

(See FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services: Firearms-Related Information)

1.  Obtain FBI’s reason(s) for denying the firearm transfer  (Note: Obtain 2 fingerprint cards, one to obtain the reason for the denial and a second for the appeal)

2.  Determine why the denial was wrong

3.  Obtain documentation establishing the denial was wrong

4.  Appeal the erroneous denial

Once you have obtained the FBI’s reasoning for the denial, I can help determine whether the FBI’s reason is factually legally supported, obtain and prepare the necessary documentation for an appeal, and appeal the erroneous denial.  When dealing with the FBI, you are working with law enforcement and whatever representations you make can be used against you.  Appealing these decisions without the assistance of an attorney can be extremely risky.

The process for requesting the reason(s) for the denial and for filing an appeal can be found at: FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services: Identity History Summary Checks